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I just got bad news from the amp-tech...

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  • I just got bad news from the amp-tech...

    My vox... it won't make it to next christmas.... j/k, old movie humor. So, anyway. They couldn't get rid of the sound. They found it to be EVERY tube socket in the amp... which makes me wonder what Midwest Buy & Sell sold me... Anyway, Warren (my new all time amp guy) replaced my rectifier tube with a Sovtek to tighten the connection in the recitfier tube, said that really helped, but the ringing is just in a differant registry now. I'm thinking maybe I'll sell this Vox on E-bay or something and pick up another one sometime or somewhere. Ah... who knows? I mean... I love that amp, it's the best sounding amp I've ever heard, aside from the annoying ringing/buzzing.... I guess there's only one way to cope with this news:
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    Re: I just got bad news from the amp-tech...

    I asked Phil Jamison from Matchless how to get a Rectifier tube to be quiet, without that ringing sound you hear when the amp vibrates. He told me to buy a tube of silicon glue and run a stripe of it around the circumference of the tube.

    On your amp, the previous owner may have swapped tubes so many times, the sockets became loose. The only answer is to replace all of them, make sure there's a tube retainer spring assembly, or if possible have a tech just retension them. Those Vox Reissues aren't bad, but they are prone to more weird noises that some other amps.
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