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Eminence Patriot/Red Coat speakers

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  • Eminence Patriot/Red Coat speakers

    Just thought I'd share this with you folks. I was wanting to change the speaker in my highly sought after "bastard child" Marshall JCM900 1x12 combo (and no, I don't want to trade with any of you boutique guys (j/k)). The amp sounded raspy, the mids were not defined, and it seemed the speaker kicked over to overdrive right away. And this was at 6 on the master volumn (master goes to 20 on the JCM 900). So while I was toying with the idea of flying down a dirt road and launching this out the back of my truck, I noticed a ad for the Eminence Patriot/Red Coat series speakers in my latest geetar mag.
    So I found a dealer in Georgia, and told Bernie what I had, and then what I was looking (hoping) for. He recommended the "Cannabis Rex" (I like saying that), it would tame the amp until I pushed, then the amp would kick the speaker into overdrive. So for about the price of a new pup (+ sh/in), I thought I'd give it a try.
    Man, did this P.O.S come to life! It's nice and warm/bluesy at low volumn. And then when I turn the master up, everything is still pretty much defined. Plenty of highs and lows, and I hated the mids before, and now I have the mids at 7 cause they really break thru. It's like having a new amp.
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    Re: Eminence Patriot/Red Coat speakers

    Cool, thanks for the review.

    I also have a 1x12 JCM900, and I got tired of the tone and don't use it much. I just posted a thread asking about a speaker for my Blues Jr, and a maybe a new speaker will make me like the Marshall again too.
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      Re: Eminence Patriot/Red Coat speakers

      Which one is the Canabis Rex? do they come in 16ohm impedence? How do they compare to the Vintage 30? What's the power handling on the Rex? Thanks for the help, bro.
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        Re: Eminence Patriot/Red Coat speakers

        Emminence has a some speaker comparisons, but they are vague. The Gear Page has a very long thread on this subject where folks try to compare and contrast these new ones with Celestions we all know and love.

        I put a pair of Red FAngs into my Bad Cat and have been very happy with the results. They are very similar to the Celestion Blue Alnicos.

        The Tonker gets some great reviews as well.

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