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What styles of music are vintage 30s really suited to?

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  • What styles of music are vintage 30s really suited to?

    Ive heard different opinions on the celestion vintage 30. Ive heard a lot of people say they are the perfect "metal" speaker. Ive heard people say they are great for classic rock. And then a lot of little combos which would have a nice jazzy bluesy tone also use them.

    I know ive asked about speakers before but really im just plain confused! What are these speakers really suited for? eg. Does it really depend of the amp you use them with that makes the most difference (which i think it would), or would they still have a bit of a heavy metal type vibe to them?

    As you can probably still confused
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    I consider them my favorite speaker for gain.

    I consider the Greenbacks my favorite for midgain.

    And I like Celestion Alnico Blue's for clean amps.

    That's in a perfect world. Almost all my amps and cabs have
    Vin 30's. I like'em.
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      IMO and i my experience they suit very good modern high gain stuff....
      What I headrd from clips I woul call the green backs more classic rock.
      this was one of the clips:

      btw nice thread for a poll
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