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Getting a fuzz...opinions welcome.

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  • Getting a fuzz...opinions welcome.

    Sold my EHX Big Muff a while back, I decided to pick up something to mess around with again. These are on the short list

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    Re: Getting a fuzz...opinions welcome.

    Bumping this thread to keep up cause I am in the market too.

    I assume you are talking true fuzz, rather than overdrive/boost/distortion?

    Ones I have been looking at include the MJM London Fuzz, Analog Man Sunface, MJM Brit Bender.



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      Re: Getting a fuzz...opinions welcome.

      I had the Blakemore for a while, it's a great fuzz especially in the tone bypass mode.

      You should also consider this:

      It really sounds that good. Mine has been a staple of my board for more than a year now.
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        Re: Getting a fuzz...opinions welcome.

        Earthquake Hoof, or Walrus Audio Jupiter


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          Re: Getting a fuzz...opinions welcome.

          Just got my Siamese Scream last night. Love it so far.

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