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Y cable advice / splitter

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  • Y cable advice / splitter

    Heya, I need to run BOTH inputs on my lexicon pcm 80 stereo reverb + fx unit but only have 1 Line out on my amp ... Will a simple Y cable work to split the preamp output into both L/R signals for the lexicon processor, or will this cause Noise/phase cancellation issues etc...
    I aim use this for the "wet" in my Wet/Dry/Wet rig so will there be any problems ?? What If I tried running it serially from my mono FX loop, would the Y cable be ok there too ??

    Or am I better off buying an isolated splitter like a Lehle Line splitter for instance.. ?
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    Re: Y cable advice / splitter

    Passive splitter should work fine. It's cheap enough to try!
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      Re: Y cable advice / splitter

      If you're going into two inputs on the same processor, you should be able to use a simple Y cable without noise problems.

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