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Lining falling apart in pedal

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  • Lining falling apart in pedal

    I recently took my old MXR Dyna Comp out of storage to put it back into use. When I opened up the enclosure to put in a battery, I discovered the layer of foam rubber that covers up the circuitry has gotten all gummy and deteriorated.

    It was no big deal to pull out/clean up the gummy mess, but does anyone know if I need to replace the foam rubber? I don't know what purpose it actually serves.


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    Re: Lining falling apart in pedal

    Nah you're good. When I got my 70's phase 45 I removed all of the deteriorated rubber and never had an issue.
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      Re: Lining falling apart in pedal

      That's what I was thinking/hoping... it didn't really seem to be holding anything in or keeping stuff from rattling around. The only loose thing in there is the battery, but that's pretty snug when the case is screwed shut. Thanks for the feedback!


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        Re: Lining falling apart in pedal

        It's just to keep the circuit from touching the enclosure. I'd replace it with a piece of cardboard.

        The good news is that the old battery didn't leak all over the inside. Put a new one in it, or remove it if it's going to be used with a power supply.
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