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Doubts about switching systems.

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  • Doubts about switching systems.

    Hi guys! I'm having a pedal junkie crisis over here.

    Let me explain: I'm expanding my pedalboard, and I'm considering the possibility of getting a programmable looper. I'm thinking the Joyo PXL4 or the PXL8. Do you think it's worth getting the 8 loops even if I don't have enough pedals yet? Or should I stick with the more simple 4 loops with just A and B presets?

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    Re: Doubts about switching systems.

    It all comes down to how much versatility you want. I would suggest getting more than you need so you won't be painting yourself into a corner later. Loopers are grea; I used to run two Lehle D.Loops w a MIDI controller, but now I use a single 2-loop Road Rage switcher, each feeding its own chain.
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