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  • 95Q owners,

    is it pretty sweet? i've been gassin for one simply for the no switch thing. Does it return to back position whenst one takes their foot off? or does it stay where you left it?

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    Re: 95Q owners,

    It returns to the back position. I love mine. I prefer it to the Morley Bad Horsie I used to have. It's smaller than the Morley and I feel that it's less noisey as well. Takes up less space on my board and plays well with my dirt boxes.

    I wish the bottom plate was more velcro/pedalboard friendly. As it is, you'll need to take the battery latch out of the base of the pedal and attach a mounting plate from either Stompin-Ground or EWS.

    Other than that annoyance, it's a good pedal in my book.


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      Re: 95Q owners,

      I got a 95Q a few days ago and really like it so far.

      I have a few other 'switched' wahs but got the 95Q purely for the convenience of switchless for live use.

      I sometimes have a nasty habit of either not switching the wah on when I thought I had, or not switching it off after I've used it

      I've had a Morley Bad Horsie in the past and quite liked it, but it's footprint is just too big so I went for the 95Q.


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        Re: 95Q owners,

        I like mine, but imo the sweep is a bit narrow compared to some of the wahs I've used over the years like the Morley Bad Horsie and Dunlop ZW Wah. LOVE the switchless thing though.

        I've currently got an AMT Japanese Girl mini-wah on the board. Not sure if it'll stay - there's just something a little bit strange about a wah you can't put your whole foot on. - Gear reviews for and by the terminally GAS-afflicted.