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Fuzzy Boyz..quick question Plz

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  • Fuzzy Boyz..quick question Plz

    Hey..I just got my new Coopersonic Germanium fuzz. Is it normal for a loud fuzz to have a big 'clunk' when engaged? I dont recall my other fuzzes doing that.
    It is a very loud fuzz though. I'm thinking theres an issue with it?
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    Re: Fuzzy Boyz..quick question Plz

    Like a 'pop' or a 'clunk'? You can add a cap to the switch to quiet popping. A clunk in a high gain pedal might be microphonic sound being amplified.
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      Re: Fuzzy Boyz..quick question Plz

      Pull-down resistors (from output and input to ground) will do the trick if it's a pop...