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Amplifying my Boss ME-25

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  • Amplifying my Boss ME-25

    Hello ladies and gentlmen, I'm a happy owner of a Boss ME-25, which is surprisingly good, but its sound is ruined by my Line6 Spider. Since I don't play in a band, I don't play lots of gigs, but I'd like to start a band and my amp is a huge bounary. I tried playing it with other amps, but it never sounded right to me. One day I was bored and I decided to plug into my father's Marantz amp (not a guitar amp) conected to a pair of some small Denon speakers and the sound was briliant! BUT (there always must be a 'but' ) the speakers are too small and can't handle higher volumes, especially when the distortion is on.
    So, my question is would it be a good idea to buy some more powerful speakers? I play everything from blues to death metal, so multiefect is a must for me.
    Any help will be welcome

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    Re: Amplifying my Boss ME-25

    I suggest a pair of powered 10"s or 12"s from your favorite sound reinforcement company. The bulkier ones are getting cheaper due to the new class D amps coming out.

    There will probably be a point in the near future where you want to step up to a different amp. If you buy a set of powered speakers and also find a passive mixer, you automatically are the dude who has the guitar amp and the PA that everyone's going to plug into.

    If price is no object, get some of the Class D boxes. They're tiny and they put out 1000w program. 2 10"s and a single sub will allow you to play a gig in a park and get arrested.

    If you need cheap, Yamaha has a great reputation for dead-reliable PAs. Mackie has the Thump series....and there is always Behringer. Seismic Audio makes them cheap too, with mixed reviews but that may be based around people downvoting because it isn't QSC or something.
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