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New Gear day!!!!

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  • New Gear day!!!!

    So over last week and the weekend I've be redoing my rig to fit my Roadster a bit better. I booted off several semi current pedals to get a few more! Got a few strats and a new S&W 9mm compact.

    I picked up a Suhr Koko Boost and a Timeline delay. I still have a Turbo Tuner, BB Preamp Comp, Mesa Flux Drive, and a Mr. black Supermoon reverb coming.

    I also picked up two strats, tweed cases, and $150 bucks from a local trade for my Stiletto. A white MIM Strat with Fat 50's pups in there and an American Special HSS with Lollars. Both play and sound great.

    Last but not least I picked up a S&W 9mm to carry instead of my huge .45.

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    Re: New Gear day!!!!

    Sounds like you had a good day. Congratulations!
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      Re: New Gear day!!!!

      I'd like to hear more about the Timeline Delay. Nice pistol too.


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        Re: New Gear day!!!!

        Nice stuff man! That MIM looks killer.

        Originally posted by UberMetalDood View Post
        I'd like to hear more about the Timeline Delay. Nice pistol too.
        The Timeline is fantastic. I've had mine for near half a year now and it's not going anywhere. I think you would find it to be overkill and/or too much of a tweaker's paradise, but it's fantastic nonetheless. Any specific questions?
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          Re: New Gear day!!!!

          Yeah the timeline is definitely a tweakers dream. Tons of options and the ability to change just about everything in the delay itself. I owned one way back and loved it.


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            Re: New Gear day!!!!

            Since you just bought two strats, I could take your old Crook tele off your hands
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