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More pedal etching!

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    Re: More pedal etching!

    Etching is cool. I did it with the FTL Drive.

    One other thing to keep in mind is that the chemical reaction produces three products: aluminium oxide (dark powdery precipitate), water, and chlorine gas. Aluminium oxide and water are harmless, and can (in theory) be disposed of in the sewer, as long as you don't have much leftover HCl in there.

    Chlorine gas, however, is highly toxic. So much so that it's been used as a chemical weapon in the past. You should only ever do your etching outdoors or in a well-ventilated area (i.e. fume hood). A decent respirator is a good idea, and eye protection is also mandatory as the gas will burn your eyes.

    I'm sure you guys are being very safe. I just wanted to post this here in case someone came along and decided to do this in their bedroom or something.

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      Re: More pedal etching!

      Another thing to do for the disposal is use some sodium carbonate to neutralise the acid leftovers. Sodium bicarbonate works also, but produces some hydrogen gas, so do this one in a well ventilated area as well, the result being NaCl and water (and H2...).
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