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Questions about preamps and their pots

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  • Rockstar216
    Re: Questions about preamps and their pots


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  • Rockstar216
    started a topic Questions about preamps and their pots

    Questions about preamps and their pots

    I've recently been looking into different types of preamps and active tone controls and have a couple questions.

    1. For those that have experience with any of these models please share.
    2. I've read that with a active gain boost or mid boost installed you have to switch out your 250k/500k vol pot for a 50k vol pot. Is it possible to use a regular 250k/500k pot instead?
    3. If you install a on/off active/bypass switch, once you turn the active controls off how will that 50k vol pot effect the signal?Will it act just like a regular 250k/500k pot?

    I've looked around the net and found schematics to modify the Fender mid boost circuit board to make it be able to turn on and off completely with a switch or push pot.

    My idea for this would be to install the EMG Afterburner as a clean boost, the Fender mid boost, and just use the active bass and treble add/cut from the GFS pre amp. The passive components installed would be a Bill Lawrence Q-filter and MAYBE a modified fender TBX to be a true treble and bass cut pot for when the active signal is off. I already know all the wiring would be a PITA.

    All of this is for a Custom build in the far future from now but just looking at different things.
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