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  • Ebay and pedals

    I've sold a few pedals on ebay recently, through downsizing/simplifying or just because I replaced a pedal with something else.

    Two pedals I've sold recently that were almost brand new, I have had requests for returns in the last month. One was an octave fuzz and I get that the guy probably just didn't know how to use it or whatever, but he claimed it was "broken"; when I got it back it was fine and I sold it again. Whatever. Now another guy is claiming a barely used trem pedal is cutting out on him after he's had the pedal for a while. I'll take the return, to avoid hassles and there's not much money involved - but to be honest I think there are a lot of people out there abusing the system; basically renting a pedal and then demanding a return when they don't like it or are done with it, or just wanted to try it out. I bet a donut that when this turd returns the pedal it will work just fine.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Is this the latest scam? Surely these guys know they have the upper hand as ebay buyers, and with electronics it's pretty easy to say "it stopped working" and ask for a refund. Especially when it's long distance and shipping is involved, etc. I'm not a company with a customer service department or any recourse. Yeah I could tell the guy "sorry no refunds" but then he'd slag me or hassle me through ebay protests. Maybe the guy is honest but more than likely he is just an a-hole or an ape who stomped the gear, a moron who can't troubleshoot a bad cable, or he spilled beer on it.

    For my own part I'm now done selling pedals on ebay because of yahoos like this. It's too much hassle; it seems like most things, a few idiots ruin it for everyone else.

    As a side note, I feel for the guys who build pedals or amps for a living. How many times do they have to deal with subhumans who buy their gear and barely have sense enough to pour piss out of a boot, much less figure out basic troubleshooting of electronics, or who are just plain dishonest to begin with.

    And finally I would add that if you are buying stuff from off ebay just to try it out for fun, planning all along to come up with some lame excuse to return it, then you are a first class bunghole.


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    Re: Ebay and pedals

    I've only ever sold one pedal online which was an old Boss DS-1. Thankfully I never had those kind of issues but now I'm wary and have to look out for pricks that do this kind of thing. To be fair if I'm going to buy a pedal I would want to see it in person and try it before I part with any money.

    I would say do the "no-refunds accepted" thing but like you say they can get proper suspicious that the pedal won't be legit. These days on eBay its the buyer who has the power, I once sold a checked shirt online which was worn, and the buyer claimed there were stains on it, which in fact, where meant to be on there as a "distressed" colour type theme.

    I protested my innocence but he wasn't having any of it, and dually opened a case, which I eventually lost. He got his money back and I got the shirt back.

    What I don't get is if its a second-hand item, what else do you expect? It to be shiny and brand new?

    I put on my listings "if you bid you accept the condition of the item" and this usually covers me though there will be arseholes out there ready to challenge this.

    Its hit and miss really with this whole online selling/buying game. I can safely say that whilst 85% of my transactions on ebay have been hassle free. There's always one or two who always slip the net.


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      Re: Ebay and pedals

      I sold a pedal on ebay last week, but only because it was a oddball collectible and I needed ebay's broad audience. The buyer was in Sweden and I'm just operating on faith that he's an honest collector, and not a try-it-and-return-it bunghole.

      With that one exception, I haven't sold anything on ebay in a couple of years. Too much risk of getting ripped off (or at least hassled beyond what my items are worth) and not enough visibility. As an individual seller, it's hard to stand our from the thousands of ads from businesses. I sold one guitar through Craigslist a couple years ago, a friendly face-to-face deal with the nice retired gent who bought it.

      Other than that, it's all forum trading rooms for me: SDUGF, TDPRI, TGP. If I can't sell something there, I'll just keep it.
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        Re: Ebay and pedals

        That's just the nature of the beast. Ebay is so incredibly greedy that they have centered everything on profit for themselves. A long time ago, people were cashing in and Ebay was thriving like crazy. People were happy and the market was booming because sellers profited and customers obtained what they want at great prices. Then, Ebay wanted a bigger piece of the pie, so they took from the sellers. The kept taking more, and more, and more, and more, perpetually on the verge of running all the sellers off, until they could squeeze the sellers no more, so then they turned towards the customers and started squeezing them. They took, and took, and took so much, even from the top of shipping costs, that customers have become hard-pressed to find good deals. Before, thinks were pretty fluid. Now it takes a lot of time and a fair amount of work just to find a good deal any more.

        Unfortunately, all of this time people have learned to capitalize on Ebay/Paypals greedy policies that frivolity has become all too common. Take into account the pervasively liberal (admins take note -> as in the dictionary meaning of "applied without constraint" - not the political meaning) entitlement mentality of people these days, and what you end up with is a bunch of people who expect to get something good for nothing. Buyers care nothing or consider not the expense sellers must endure for miniscule profits on Ebay. It has become so bad that I avoid them unless absolutely necessary.

        Unfortunately, they're kind of a necessary evil because forums only reach a narrow scope of people. Ebay is one way to reach a broader base of buyers though that path is treacherous. The best thing we can do is encourage more trading and buying on forums, and remain vigilant to ensure that it is done with the utmost integrity. This is the best way to eventually free ourselves of the evils of Ebay and Paypal.

        Virtual/Online buying, selling, and trading is nothing more than a gamble. In a way, this is good because it keeps brick-and-mortar stores relevant. The best you can do is put it up for sale, hope that someone buys it and doesn't complain, and don't spend the money until you get positive feedback.


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          Re: Ebay and pedals

          I'll buy very occasionally on eBay, but have never sold anything there; I just do not want to deal with the aggravation factor.
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            Re: Ebay and pedals

            Yeah, I never wanted to make ebay a habit but after going on a pedal buying binge and subsequent return to my senses, it seemed like my best option. At this point I think I'm finished with it as a seller; too many hassles.



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              Re: Ebay and pedals

              I had a problem with 2 items I sold on ebay about a year ago. Long story short the guy bought a new unopened item from me and admitted to buyers remorse in an email he sent thru paypal.

              I had another guy who lived in Czech, buy 2 broken iphone 4S' s from and he claims he never got them and I tracked them and had proof he picked them up from customs.

              When it was all said and done I had to file fraud charges thru my bank against ebay and paypal to get my money b/c they both violated policy. eBay threatened to take me to court and I told them I was ready and that I have all the proof I need to win. So now I am permanently banned from ebay whicb I am fine with after those 2 dealings. It just suck because I had been dealing on there for 10 plus yrs, perfect feedback and those 2 scumbags ruined everything.
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                Re: Ebay and pedals

                I buy most of my gear on Ebay and I ssell a lot too.
                I've sold a lot of items with nor eturns accepted, some I knew were defective but I always made it clear in my descriptions. I've had one return, for a Fuel Injection controller for a Suzuki, which I accepted and then promptly resold.

                I had to raise a case for A Voodoo Labs controls switcher recently: I bought it, and a couple of days later asked for tracking details, no response. Several emails later no response.... so I raised a case.
                No response to the case, but 10 days after I bought it the item arrived....without the power supply.
                It was sold as sued and no mentionw as amde of the missing power supply, which, as it turns out is a non standard size so cant be powered by my Joyo Power supply without an adapter.
                So I modified the case to ask for a refund of the cost of a power supply.
                The seller didnt answer the new xcase either to Ebay refunded me the whole cost of the item.
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                  Re: Ebay and pedals

                  If I'm selling anything like guitars or amps, I do a collection in person and payment in cash or bank transfer. I lose my ebay protection but if they pay in cash in person its a done deal and I have the money.

                  Also they can inspect the item before they part ways with their money and try it out so they can see that it works.


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                    Re: Ebay and pedals

                    I buy occasionally. I have had no real problems, and the only serious one the buyer was willing to fix.

                    But - I am very cautious; Feedback, # transactions, location details, other items for sale….

                    I have never sold and don't know that I will. But man, I do pedal searches daily looking for bargains or obscure things!
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                      Re: Ebay and pedals

                      The seller will always lose in a ebay dispute no matter what. I usually have good luck selling, but at least once a year I get someone like the OP's buyer. My most recent sale was an old Punch Out video game that came with a letter from Mike Tyson (which doubled the value). The buyer claimed that it was damaged in shipping, got his refund and returned the item in perfect condition without the letter! I was SOL with ebay as the "dispute had been resolved in the buyer's favor." I called and learned that they don't even ask for proof of the damage.
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                        Re: Ebay and pedals

                        I obtained an Alesis Quadraverb GT that I had no use for (currently for sale on craigslist and this forum) so I threw it up on ebay. I wanted it gone asap as it was taking up space. This guy bought it, and turns out he buys and resells things on ebay, that's his game. His competitive advantage is that he is willing to ship anywhere, and his inventory is a bunch of vintage gear. I made a mistake on shipping, the price wasn't high enough to cover the costs, so on my mistake I paid the extra $$$ to have it properly shipped. He receives it, and 1 week later claims its broken not working right blah blah blah and he wants to return it at my expense, opens a claim. I tried calling ebay, stating it was working fine in my possession, and he might have used it for parts on his inventory (he had 2 same exact units for sale). They weren't buying it. Sided with him without asking me a single question, and he sent it back. He was acting like a ***** before, but after I received he was all nice and apologetic. Total scam.

               might be a nice alternative, but I'm not familiar with their return policies.