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    Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

    I dislike the mod stuff usually but I like the univibe. Its more tastefully done I guess.

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      Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

      - Crybaby
      - Big Muff Pi
      - Deluxe Memory Man
      - Phase 90
      - Overdrive/Preamp 250

      Those are all I can think of. I used to have them all, but unfortunately I sold the Memory Man in a time of financial need.
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        Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

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          Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

          It obviously depends of the type of material you're doing, but a lot depends on the amp, too. So, here's my ten for my Mesa Mark IV and Mark V amps, and my Furman SPB-1 Pedal Board.

          First pedal in my chain is an old DOD FX10 PREAMP that is almost always on to provide a slight boost. Since those aren't around any more, I'll go with a BBE Boosta Grande. The clean boost of the DOD has been the big secret of my tone for more than 30 years. Got to have a boost pedal, and there are several good ones out there.

          Next pedal is a COMPRESSOR. Mine is a Boss CS-3. Since it's already bought and paid for and does the job, I'll use it, but others like Wampler and the Keeley have great reps--these along with several others might be a worthwhile upgrade.

          My TUNER is a Boss TU-3. It's fine for a live pedal board, but the Sonic Research Turbo or the Peterson Strobo-Stomp might be better for setting intonation on my guitars.

          I bought my old Thomas Organ Crybaby WAH used in 1972. It's a beat-up, dinged up, filthy dirty, noisy, raspy, nasty, tone-killing brick and still sounds wonderful. If I needed something new, I'd probably use the backup Crybaby Classic I have in a drawer; but the Hendrix, Wylde and Bonamassa Crybabys would get a SERIOUS look.

          I'm not a huge DELAY guy, but I want something organic; I think it would be hard to go wrong with an MXR Carbon copy for my analog unit. I love my Rocktron Short-Timer, but I'm discovering it is too big. A DD-3 is another favorite; but I could have essentially four more delays on my board with with a Boss DD-20 and it's presets. I don't have mine on my board yet, but I've been playing with it for a few years now, and I'm impressed with the power it has. The long delays available in the DD-20 aren't a big necessity for me, but it is a great pedal. Because of its size though, perhaps a DD-3, -5, -6, -7 would actually be more practical to use with the Carbon Copy. So two delays, a Carbon Copy and a Digital Delay (TBD) it is.

          I used a DOD FX Series CHORUS for years and replaced it with a Boss CE-3 about four years ago. They sound very different; both are very good, but I keep thinking I should go back to the DOD. Maybe not. I recently bought a new Digitech Hardwire Stereo Chorus for cheap on a closeout deal, and I have to check it out. If the Hardwire could evoke both the DOD AND the Boss, I'd have a winner. Got to have a Chorus.

          I don't have one on my amp or on my board, but a TREMOLO pedal would be nice. I recently acquired a BBE Tremor in a contest; haven't tried it yet, but it should do what I need without getting too crazy.

          I used to have an old Musitronics PHASOR. It went bad on me, but that one had a really nice tone and did a good job emulating a Leslie speaker. I replaced it with a Boss PH-1r, and I think that the PH-1r is the best of the Boss phasors, though it doesn't spin fast enough to do the Leslie thing. The MXR EVH Phase 90 is a really tempting classic Phasor, though. If I could only have one, I'll stick with what I know, the PH-1r, but I might add a EVH 90 if I had room. Perhaps there's something else out there that will do both the MXR and Boss flavors?

          That's eight, leaves me two slots. Now you'd think that with a Mark IV or V, I wouldn't need another OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION, but what I really need is a Marshall-In-A-Box. Not sure what to do here; I'm still investigating. Some candidates would be the one of the two Carl Martin Plexitones (big or little); Radial Hot British or Plexi-tube; Wampler Plextortion or Plexi-drive; Rothwell Hellbender; Zvex Box Of Rock; MI Audio Crunchbox; Tech 21 British, Leeds or Oxford; etc., etc., etc. I don't need high gain--I've got all the gain I need in the Mesa amps. What I want is that slightly over-driven crunch, ala Malcom Young, or Paul Kosoff's rhythm line in "All Right Now". It's a tonal re-shaping--almost more "feel" than tone. It's elusive, but it is something I've been wanting for a while to compliment my Mesa amps. Pick ONE.

          With one slot left, I'm going to have to make some tough choices.

          A favorite tone on my Mark V is the CLEAN Channel's Tweed mode. Definitely talking Billy Gibbons' "Tush" tone here, and I love it. Perhaps a Wampler Tweed '57 pedal? That could be interesting....perhaps its moderate OD settings can get me closer to the MIB tone I want than the pedals listed above. Got to check that one out.

          Another possibility would be a FUZZ. Now, the Mesa's have great singing lead tones as they are, but I sometimes think that I'd like to have some old school buzz and grind. Think "Satisfaction", "In-A Gadda-Da-Vida" or The Doors "Hello, I Love You": I'm talking nasty, nasty, nasty....and it's so right on some songs. Not about the gain so much as the tone--I have gain, but not buzz. And I have no idea which brand of FUZZ I should get. ????

          I'm a big Robin Trower fan, so perhaps a UNI-VIBE belongs on my board. I have a BBE Soul-Vibe. It's good, but slightly large, so perhaps the new MXR Uni-Vibe would be a better choice. Or, perhaps the Boss Rotary emulator would be even more versatile. Choices, choices...

          The Mark V's REVERB is very good; the Mark IV's is adequate. But, if I were playing one of my Mark III's, I might want an additional reverb pedal because the reverb on these is iffy. There are lots of reverb pedals out there from Boss, Line 6 Verbzilla, Hardwire and the Supernatural, EHX Holy Grails, Requires investigation. I do have an old Peavey SRP-16 in a drawer around here if I need it. It's a good digital reverb--virtually unknown and built like a tank.

          In a different situation, I might want a GRAPHIC EQ. I have a couple of the old blue MXR 10-Band EQs that saved my bacon hundreds of times back in the day. I also have a newer MXR 10-band pedal that I use for my acoustic guitar pedalboard. Certainly the Boss GE-7s have proven useful, and the new Mesa 5-band pedals appear to be winners.

          I have a Boss PS-6 PITCH SHIFTER/HARMONIST on my board that I use for harmony leads on just two songs. Invaluable for that, but I probably could get by without it if I had to. Perhaps if I dumped the Boss DD-20....?

          I've never owned a FLANGER, but I love the way Steve Miller used them on some of his songs. If I need one, I'll hunt down an older Boss unit. Nor have I ever needed an OCTAVER for octave down effects. I think my Pitch Shifter can do that, if I need it; I'd probably get a Boss if it doesn't...if I needed one.

          Since I also play acoustic, I have one pedal that I consider essential, and this one shouldn't count against my electric pedal board. It is the Fishman Aura DI. I haven't played around much with mine, but it is amazing. Make that AMAZING!!!! It's a "don't leave home without it" pedal for any open mic situation. I looked at the BBE Acousti-Max and the Radial PZ-Pre, but I'm glad I got the AURA with its large array of images, built-in tuner, compression and feedback killer.


          The one glaring omission is a Tube Screamer. I've never owned one; I don't like the way they mess up the sequence of attack, distortion, compression, release and decay, compared to a real tube amp. For some folks, a Tube Screamer or clone is an essential pedal, but I have no use for one in my rig.

          I also have a brand new BBE Sonic Stomp that I have never taken out of the box. I know people who think these are the best thing since sliced bread, but I just don't think I need it with my Mesa amps.


          So unlike some of the other posters, I could see having 15-16 pedals on my board. There are some pedals in the market that combine some functions, so perhaps with investigation, I could winnow down a few. My overall philosophy with pedals is to have a lot of different ones, but to use them very sparingly. Most of my pedals, I only use 4-5 times a night--in my current band I play with clean rhythms and a lot of clean solos too, so a different band situation might require some different pedal choices.

          Great question, because this has got me to thinking that I need to get out some of these pedals I have in a drawer and start experimenting!!!

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            Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

            The Zvex SHO is the only pedal I would never part with. Everything else isn't a must for me.

            Maybe a TS variation would be a must but the only one I really consider a must for me is the SHO.


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              Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

              zvex inventobox!

              put 3 pedalz in one box:



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                Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

                Originally posted by Little Pigbacon View Post
                No DOD American Metal = Invalid thread.
                I actually have one of those.
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                  Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

                  TC Electronic Polytune
                  TC Electronic Flashback
                  Visual Sound Ts808
                  BBE Ben Wah
                  Boss NS-2

                  Enough for me
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                    Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

                    Originally posted by Little Pigbacon View Post
                    No DOD American Metal = Invalid thread.
                    I still have one of those. I got it when i was 16 from a dude who literally sold me a 5 gallon bucket full of dod pedals for 100 bucks. Its terrible in a late 80's distortion box sort of way that makes it cool when jamming to a motely crue record sometimes.
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                      Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

                      I can think of two that I would recommend to pretty much anybody.

                      Sonic Research Turbo Tuner, if you want the best true bypass strobe pedal tuner ever made, and..

                      Paul Cochrane Timmy/Tim, if you like the sound of your amp and want a pedal that will sound like you've turned around and turned up the volume, including the imparted gain increase.

                      The rest is so much a matter of personal taste and requirements that none could be considered 'must have.'

                      Some personal faves…

                      Landgraff DO & Mo'D, for TS and RAT duties.
                      Retro-Sonic Chorus, if you own a CE-1 and don't want to drag it around by the power cord
                      MXR Phase 100…swirly, versatile, and at its extremes can do what I like to call the 'heroin sound'
                      EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master. This one makes me want to put a fluro sticker on it with just the word 'LARGE' written on it.
                      Neo Mini Vent…just got one of these…I love Leslie ramping.
                      KR Megavibe…sounds like a Univibe
                      Maxon AD-900…reminds me of the old Ibanez AD-80…just a lovely, ambient analog delay delay delay
                      Teese RMC wahs, back when Geoffrey was making them by hand. I have a custom made RMC-1 and a Picture Wah. They're funky.
                      Hermida Zendrive…makes absolutely any amplifier ever made sound like a $40,000 Dumble. Ok, that's not true. Nice little overdrive, anyway.
                      BJFE Honey Bee…makes absolutely any amplifier sound like a crappy little Supro. Ok, that IS true. Great little pedal.
                      Neunaber WET…Robbie Robertson and Daniel Lanois, together, in a little box.
                      BOSS Slow Gear…not to use it, just to have it so that when people see it, they can say, "Oh wow man, you've got one of THOSE!" and you can nod, smugly.

                      Cheers…………………………….. wahwah
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                        Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

                        I don't use much for pedals.

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                          Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

                          Ibanez TS9
                          Fulltone Fat Boost 3
                          MXR 10 band EQ
                          MXR Phase 90
                          Boss NS-2
                          TC Electronics Hall of Fame
                          Boss DD3
                          ..pretty much a must for me.
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                            Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

                            Here is my wish list, I have some of these and love, some yet buy but kind of convienced I want them.

                            1.- TC electronic Polytuner want
                            2.- Dunlop Cry Baby got
                            3.- Fulltone PlimSoul got
                            4.- Wampler SLO want
                            5.- ISP Decimator G String got
                            6.- TC Electronic Mini Spark Boost want
                            7.- EHX Neo clone want
                            8.- TC Electronic Flashback delay want
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                              Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

                              Originally posted by Aceman View Post
                              I find Univibe (of any sort_ an interesting choice. Why does this make the list. I have lived my entire life without one.
                              The vibe is a special phaser. It has a sound that's very noticeable, but at the same time it doesn't completely highjack the sound of your guitar like most other phasers. With a regular phaser when playing lead I find the sound kinda overpowering. With a 'vibe it's a bit more subtle. To me phasing meshes better with distortion and fuzz than chorus or flangers, and the vibe seems to mesh better than typical phasers. I'm not a high gain guy though.

                              Seriously check one out.
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                                Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

                                All the ones on this pedal board (Just needs cables)
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