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Name 10 MUST have pedals

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    Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

    I use five: Tuner>Phaser>Wah>OD>Delay. All run in front of the amp.

    For a hypothetical 10 pedal pedalboard. I'd add a tremolo, distortion, compressor & one more od and delay pedal. That should keep me well occupied. Brand doesn't really matter, whatever I can find that has the features I need and a good quality bypass(true/buffer doesn't matter as along it sounds flat when off)

    EDit: Oh brand & model is supposed to be mentioned, I skipped that lol
    TU3(strobe tuners are too much for stage use)
    Bad Monkey OD
    CAE 404 Wah
    Small Stone
    Electric Mistress or Small Clone
    MXR Custom Comp
    Flashback Delay
    Carbon Copy Delay
    Boss SD1 modded
    Hardwire Reverb
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      Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

      I own the Bad Monkey, and I really want an EVH Phaser.
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        Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

        I wouldn't call specific pedals, but as far as pedal types go:

        1. Fuzzface (Ge or Si, both are awesome).
        2. Bluesbreaker MKI style overdrive.
        3. Tape Echo (or simulation).
        4. Bucket Brigade Delay.
        5. Tube Screamer style overdrive.
        6. Big Muff Pi style fuzz.

        Well, I guess I only needed six.


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          Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

          If the L6 models are anywhere near accurate, I'd LOVE to own a Tube Driver.

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            Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

            Originally posted by LesStrat View Post
            If the L6 models are anywhere near accurate, I'd LOVE to own a Tube Driver.

            I have an X3 live and an old chandler tube driver and the models in the x3 live are about 85 percent of the way there. The basic voice is right but the real pedal reacts much more to your playing touch and is a bit less compressed than the models are.
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              Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

              Originally posted by Tor View Post
              Neunaber Wet reverb
              Boss DD-20
              Sonic Resarch Turbo Tuner
              Fetto Himmelstrutz Standard
              Catalinbread Semaphore tremolo
              Strymon Timeline
              Wampler Ego compressor

              I have an Eventide H9 and a Keeley Katana finding their ways to my board, and I hope these will be the #9 and #10 on the list.
              The Katana is a phenomenal boost. I use it after my modded Metalzone to make the leads really stand out.


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                Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

                Vox Time Machine (my all time favorite delay)

                That's all I use but,

                I REALLY want a Chicago Parachute Wah!
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                  Re: Name 10 MUST have pedals

                  1 MXR Phase 90
                  2 MXR Carbon Copy
                  3 Fulltone ChoralFlange
                  4 Boss CE2 / CE3
                  5 MXR Classic OD
                  6 Carl Martin Plexitone
                  7 Vox 847 Wah
                  8 TC FLashback
                  9 Fulltone Dejavibe
                  10 MXR Dynacomp