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Legit Klon(e) review

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  • Legit Klon(e) review


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    Re: Legit Klon(e) review

    Great post! Well, the original 1500.00(now) pedal certainly is magic. I get a hardy guffaw outta people spending 150 bucks on some gizmo that approximates a Klon circuit, and bleating about how 'THE' Klon tone is so great, when they actually havent any idea about what a real vintage Klon sounds like.
    I remember whenT HE real Klon guy was working on his reissue. He posted a clip on his website , this was back before the Klon issue achieved viral spontaneous combustion level . he [posted a clip of the original Klon , and his reissue. I wrote him and told him the reissue didnt have the magic that the old one had based on the clip. He wrote me back asking "why"?.I didn't answer, I wished I would have, but basically, I still maintain that .
    BTW, how much does a Centaur weigh, and whats the vlaue in terms of what an ouce of gold costs. I expect eventually, maybe 10 years form now, the original Centaur will be actually worth its weight in gold.
    "Anyone who understands Jazz knows that you can't understand it. It's too complicated. That's what's so simple about it." - Yogi Berra


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      Re: Legit Klon(e) review

      Nice review. Isn't it weird how people will spend hundreds on a boost, whilst the boards of some of the biggest names would often just contain a beat up ol' Micro Amp?