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AMT pedals?

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  • AMT pedals?

    First, yes, I did a search before asking. Most of the results are ones for sale, or one of the models Im not interested in.. (And, a couple of bad reviews..)

    Ok, I had heard alot of good things about them and the youtube vids seem pretty good. Do you actual users find them pretty authentic?

    Im mostly curious about the PV, jcm800, bogner and soldano ones.
    If they are authentic, is the series II upgrade worth the diff? As far as the Bogner one, Im wondering if Id get a more authentic sound with the Bogner red pedal as that is right from the source..??

    any input? Thanks!
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    Re: AMT pedals?

    I would take the AMT B_ over the Bogner. I had the Bogner Uberschall pedal and it was weak, even with an OD in front of it. I heard the Red has a little more gain, but you'll pay twice as much as an AMT pedal.

    The P_, B_, and S_ are all great. I never tried the M_, but that's because it might not have enough gain for me.

    Also, I've been using the Drive series of pedals instead of the _1 or _2 pedals. They don't have onboard EQ, just a tone knob, BUT throw an EQ after them and you can really sculpt your sound. They're meant to use before amps but I use them as preamps just the same.

    The difference between the Legend 1 and Legend 2 is that the Legend 2 pedals give you a clean channel (which I would never use) and add another output to run into the front of an amp.

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      Re: AMT pedals?

      IMHO the Bogner pedals sounded quite meh. Ok, the AMTs are designed to be preamps but I would still put one in to the amps fx return rather than buy the Bogner's own pedals. The Ecstacy Blue was interesting though.
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        Re: AMT pedals?

        Take a look to Mesa Boogie's Throttle.
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          Re: AMT pedals?

          my tech 21 vtbass and oxford pedals are legit

          I like impulses, there is even an impulse pedal now! RE:

          but you start getting into the high end modelers at that price...