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  • VVT Amps Night Owl

    What Do you think of a VVT Amps Night Owl(5F11 Tweed Vibrolux) with Four Eminence 820H Speakers?

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    Re: VVT Amps Night Owl

    What a coincidence I use that exact amp and speakers but it only sounds good with my Squier Bullet and when my Digitech Turbo Flange is on.
    I use it in my Crabcore band.

    I tried it with my R8 and G0 and it sucked.
    I tried it with my CS heavy relic Nocaster and it sounded like a swarm of bees.

    And I swear I actually went to Guitar Center, and they let me borrow Clapton's beloved Blackie, cuz I told em with tears in my eyes that Blackie was the only guitar that could make my amp shine cuz it sucked I mean I spent SO LONG on the phone with VVT amps trying to find the magic speakers (the 820H x4!!!1). The sound was OK but it was still kinda flat like someone crossed a dumble with a trainwreck.

    I sadly gave Blackie back to GC and wandered home and as I was applying my emo eyeliner and slicking my hair over my face I decided to get my old trusty Squier Bullet out and give the amp one last shot. that was the PFUDOR moment.