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Boss DS-1s into a DSL100H vs JCM800

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  • Boss DS-1s into a DSL100H vs JCM800

    I could not believe the same pedal and same guitar could sound soooo different!

    As we all know, most people absolutely despise the DS-1. Very harsh highs, very scooped, and could sound really thin. I was one of those guys who hated it as a distortion pedal (initially) but loved it as an overdrive pedal.

    Years later, and being a Vai and Satch fan, I kept challenging my self to make the DS-1 sound good... if not really good. I believe I succeeded. Unless it's a live gig, I only bring my DS-1 ang GE-7 to practice. It's got that Marshall flavor (I'm a Marshall whore) and really sounds like a tube amp.

    I've been using the DSL100Hs clean channel because it's my cleanest amp (my JTM60 is practically in storage now). The DS-1 sounds good in it. Today, I just plugged into my JCM800, and was very surprised how much better the DS-1 sounded! Much fuller, much bigger, better compression, a best of all, little bit more mids! The JCM800 is dialed in "clean" with the preamp gain just little over 2, and the presence virtually 0. This has been the most fun I've had with my DS-1s in a long time!

    I guess some amps just work so much better with the DS-1 eh?

    The amps:
    (a) DSL100H with 2x12 all-Mahogany Closed-back cab loaded with Veteran 30s
    (b) JCM800 2x12 Combo (vertical inputs) loaded with G12-65s

    The pedals:
    (i) Stock DS-1 MIJ
    (ii) DS-1 MIT modded to Wampler's JCM800 mod
    (iii) Vox Satchurator
    (iv) Joyo Deluxe Crunch

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    Re: Boss DS-1s into a DSL100H vs JCM800

    jcm800 and ds-1.
    classic combination.
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      Re: Boss DS-1s into a DSL100H vs JCM800

      DS-1 is cool. It sounds good on my Vox Ac15 but not so good on my Orange Jim Root.
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