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New pedal(s) and pedal board week!

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  • New pedal(s) and pedal board week!

    Within the past week I have went from owning 2 pedals to owning all the pedals that you know see the pedal board. Once my Behringer UV-300 Vibrato pedal arrives my pedal board will be complete. What would be a good power supply that I can purchase to get this board up and fully functional, also any advice on how my pedal chain is setup? The bottom row will run into the front of the amp, and the top row will run through my effects loop.Click image for larger version

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    Re: New pedal(s) and pedal board week!

    Nice, congrats. The order you have em in there is fine. Play and enjoy!
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      Re: New pedal(s) and pedal board week!

      A nice assortment of boutique, non-boutique, and anti-boutique pedals, there. With that many, I strongly recommend getting a high-quality, isolated power supply. The Pedal Power 2+ is the standard by which all others are judged.
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