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Seems that Mike did indeed got done....

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    Re: Seems that Mike did indeed got done....

    Originally posted by Gearjoneser View Post
    I sometimes wonder why Fulltone discontinued the Choral Flange, because it's a good pedal and seemed like a decent seller. I don't know anything about it, but I wonder if it's because he needed the parts to complete his new rack piece. ???
    I had one, and I kind of wish I still had it. The reason I sold it back then was that it wasn't able to do a nice subtle chorus. Maybe I just didn't have the chops to effectively use it... I do remember it being a high quality piece. I am in love with the OCD currently. Might have to get a full drive soonish.
    Originally posted by crusty philtrum
    ...Gimme a call when it's time to take 'em out. I don't have a gun, but i have a very sharp pointy stick and enough negativity to take out a small country...
    Originally posted by Securb
    The only blackmachine I care about is sitting in my jeans.