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Friday pedal solder fumes.....

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  • Friday pedal solder fumes.....

    Was out visiting my old workmates...
    We always work on stuff of our own on the sidelines, little fun projects that we like ourselves mostly.....
    This way I do not get tired of it nor do my solderchops rust too much.....

    Some projects are years old, the guys are busy on an everyday basis with the not always so fun everyday work at the factory...
    Since I quit and had some good time off...I got back to having fun with pedals again....(guess I was majorly burnt out)
    Now that they are not my work anymore, I enjoy it again.
    But guitars are still my thing at the end of the day.

    Anyways took one single PT and removed a few parts, stuck in a new clip circuit and changed a few other parts.
    Needed a slightly dirty drive for my Super Sonic 22, that way I can keep the burn channel on higher settings, and use the pedal for more low key stuff.
    One of my mates have dugged up some old germanium glass diodes, so I used two of them in a rectified setup, six diodes setup....

    Here is a clip....

    And another clip.....with a backer
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    Re: Friday pedal solder fumes.....

    Thats very cool Mahavishnu.
    "Anyone who understands Jazz knows that you can't understand it. It's too complicated. That's what's so simple about it." - Yogi Berra


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      Re: Friday pedal solder fumes.....

      Maybe more like HahaVishnu