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Wampler Plexi-Drive build not working, help!

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  • Wampler Plexi-Drive build not working, help!

    Built a wampler plexi drive clone but can't seem to get it to work, The only thing that workds is the LED, but only when the guitar is plugged in.

    1st image is the board layout
    2nd image is the wiring that I made
    3rd image is the foot switch wiring I used

    Maybe I wired something wrong?
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    Re: Wampler Plexi-Drive build not working, help!

    Vero board can be tough to work on. I take an industrial pick, much like a dental pick, and scrape between the columns to try and find any overlapping solder. It's almost always that. Or I also forget to make a cut. Can you post some pictures if the board itself? Maybe someone can see your mistake.


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      Re: Wampler Plexi-Drive build not working, help!

      Wiring something wrong or poor soldering is probably your best bet. We're unlikely to be able to diagnose anything from those layout diagrams. Do you have a proper circuit diagram to go with it and some photographs of what you've built (front & back of board, inside the case, but better with all components shown connected outside the case, with multiple angles).
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