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Amt SS-11 (b) issues and possible solutions

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  • Amt SS-11 (b) issues and possible solutions

    Hello guys,
    I have recently purchased an AMT SS-11 (b) preamp pedal and am having problems with the low end response on the 7th string of my BC RICH which is tuned A#.
    1) it doesn't have the gain/distortion especially in the lead channel that it claimed and
    2) its very bassy and muddy (A# string)

    Now since this pedal has tubes, maybe replacing them will sort out the gain and annoying low end response? Or will i need further modification?

    Please if you can help me out i would be really thankful.


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    Re: Amt SS-11 (b) issues and possible solutions

    Welcome, Lowend! Thanks for joining us.

    I'm not familiar with that brand of pedal, so I can't speak for its "sound" as such.

    If we had more info, that would help.

    What amp are you playing through? What wattage, and ohm rating? How do you set your tone, gain and master volume?

    What size and ohm rating are the speakers, and how many?

    Can you post a sound clip which would detail your problems? We can accept links from YouTube, and most of the major sound file hosting sites (Soundcloud, Soundclick, Mediafire, Dropbox etc).
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      Re: Amt SS-11 (b) issues and possible solutions

      Hello Ginormous,
      Thanks for welcoming me to the forum
      Well i use my marshal JVM's power as this is a preamp pedal.
      I cant really much explain the problems so ill try and make a video and post it and you can guide me with possible solutions
      Ill try and post it within the next couple of days