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Any pedal builders o the forum?

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  • Any pedal builders o the forum?

    My best bro is a guitar/amp tech and has been building some amazing pedals lately. Ive been noticing that most of the popular pedals are clones or modded circuits of this or that. Now to my delima. I want to build myself a Diamond Cornerstone drive style pedal. Under his supervision of coursen I can find zero info on this pedals design online. No schematic , no one mentioning its a modded this or that style circuit. Nothing except it has cascading gain and no diode clipping. Anybody have any info at all? Thanks!!

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    Re: Any pedal builders o the forum?

    I assume you've looked at

    Look also at the Catalinbread SFT and Dirty Little Secret, both are amp-in-a-box pedals that use cascading FET gain stages rather than diode clipping. The DLS is a better-than-average Marshall-in-a-box. The SFT is voiced like old Ampegs for a Stones thing, also works to SVT-ize a bass. MadBean pedals used to sell a Catalinbread-endorsed clone board, but I'm not sure if it's still on their site. The instructions would still be in their discontinued projects section, though. Either pedal is likely to be discussed in detail on

    Is the Cornerstone reputed to sound like any particular amplifier?
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      Re: Any pedal builders o the forum?

      Its very Marshally but has useful settings from light overdrive to high gain. Its really the only one I am interested in. Ill check free stompboxes . Ive exhausted all my searchfu on Google looking for info on the Cornerstone...