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Wampler's Plextortion or MI Audio's Super Crunch Box?

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  • Wampler's Plextortion or MI Audio's Super Crunch Box?

    I had some serious noise issues with my Boss Power Stack, that thing is even more noisy than the Metal Core which is more distortion. So I am seriusly thinking getting rid of it and get a better "High Gain Marshall-in-a-Box", so far I liked the demos of Wampler's Plextortion or MI Audio's Super Crunch Box. I would like to hear your feedback on those pedals, if you have used both then which did you prefer and why? I liked the 3 EQ option of the wampler but the demos for the MI Audio sound better. It also seems to me that the Super Chrunch Bos has more gain/distortion, what do you think?
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    Re: Wampler's Plextortion or MI Audio's Super Crunch Box?

    Just have the MI super crunch but it is a good distortion box. It has a decent range of adjustment , not really what I would call high gain. It likes being pushed by an OD for that extra oomph too. As always hearing demos can be misleading because you will be putting the effect in your chain with all of your gear.
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      Re: Wampler's Plextortion or MI Audio's Super Crunch Box?

      The (Super) Crunchboxs' strong suit is the JCM800 . Very close..isn't a JCM 800, but gets that edgy brightness vibe amazing well. I havent tried a Plextortion, but I don't see how anything could possibly trump the Crunchbox for JCM 800. Maybe the plextortion does a great modded Marshall sound. Another coupe of pedals on the radar for that later Marshall/hot rod modd3d sound are the Duncan Dirty Deeds and the Catlinbread DLS MKII, and Radial also makes one. The pedals that claim to everything from Plexi through Modded JCM 800 usually just have one real good spot, IMO.
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        Re: Wampler's Plextortion or MI Audio's Super Crunch Box?

        I had a Plextortion on my board for a few years and was pretty happy with it (just switched to an Ecstasy pedal, but that's a different story...). I don't know as much about the Super Crunch Box, but the regular version didn't have enough distortion for me. The Plex is a pretty damn good "marshall-in-a-box".

        However (and please read this!), the Plextortion was very dependent on what I was playing it through and how loud I was playing it at. It didn't like solid state amps, and it wasn't much for low-volume playing at home, even with a tube amp. It fit in well with my rig, but when I was using house backline like a jc-120 or the dreaded Flextone it didn't shine as well. I've heard that wampler's distortion pedals are voiced to work with open-backed tube combos, and my experience is consistent with that.

        If you can, try before you buy in your rig to see if it works for you. There are tons of marshall-in-a-box type pedals out there, and they are all different. I wish there was an industry-standard solution here, but I haven't found one yet. Happy hunting man!
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          Re: Wampler's Plextortion or MI Audio's Super Crunch Box?

          Dude, Lovetone Purple Plexi, do it....