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Need a Reverb pedal. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Need a Reverb pedal. Any suggestions?

    The reverb blocks from Accutronic/Belton shrunk to a tiny size, and the logic chips that strymon uses are getting cheap. The boom in user-end chip burning means that the tech is accessible.

    Look at Mr Black pedals. Tone stack on a Belton brick. What's your flava? 2399 chips + Belton bricks make for some amazing verbs, and its diy-able as well.

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      Re: Need a Reverb pedal. Any suggestions?

      Originally posted by Aceman View Post
      It is really a Verb buyers market out there now. Wasn't that way just ten years ago.

      A couple rooms or halls, and a plate - and I'm good.

      You might really dig the Grail Plus…

      But again; there are as many verb flavors as dirt boxes. And a tone of parameters to tweak if you want. I don't!
      Honestly for me, as long as I have a tone knob, and a level for the Reverb itself, then that's pretty much all I need, but I like the Hall Of Fame in the sense that if I need any type of Reverb at any given moment, it'll be able to give it to me, no problem. It's a jack of all trades kind of pedal.


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        Re: Need a Reverb pedal. Any suggestions?

        I had a HOF and it was just ok and nothing special IMO. I like my Dr Scientist Reverberater for subtle reverbs. If I needed ambient I'd probably get a Nuenaber Wet. I'm not much of a tweaker so the simpler pedals with less options are my preference. If you want spring verb the Catalinbread Topanga sounds great.
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          Re: Need a Reverb pedal. Any suggestions?

          Get your HoF and be done. If you start watching YouTube you'll end up like me with 3 Reverb pedals!
          Oh no.....

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