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  • 9 volt adaptor

    hi guys,
    starting to get a few pedals now, i think i will end up with about 10 or more on my board, i am using 9 v adaptors for the 4 pedals i got so far, but now want to buy 1 unit that would power all 10 pedals, what do you guys use/recommend me to buy ?????? thanks for your time to anwser my post,

    all the best, bluesfloyd.

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    Re: 9 volt adaptor

    I use a Boss TU 3 tuner and a couple daisy chains linked together. A One Spot with additional daisy chain will work too , those are about the cheapest solutions to power.
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      Re: 9 volt adaptor

      I got a 1 amp 9 volt power supply off amazon for five bucks and some daisy chain cables from GFS for another five bucks

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        Re: 9 volt adaptor

        The Visual Sound One Spot is good for the price, ~$25. If you want to get fancy, the voodoo power is the way to go


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          Re: 9 volt adaptor

          Voodoo labs pedal power cost you some bux but it's one of the better investments i have made in my rig. Can also support 12v and 24v pedals, and drive some pedals with higher power requirements (like fancy digital delays). It's been very reliable for me. They have a few different models depending on what you need.