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About Some Features Of ZVEX Mastotron and Fuzz Factory

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  • About Some Features Of ZVEX Mastotron and Fuzz Factory

    I don’t like much of the tone of ZVEX Mastotron and Fuzz Factory. But I love some of the features they have got. I’m thinking receiving those effects from a effect pedal which you suggest while receiving fuzz effect from a fuzz pedal of which i love its fuzz tone.

    The features which i love are (Their functions are defined in the website.) ;

    1) Relax/Push knob in Mastotron : This knob introduces source impedance to the signal going into the Mastotron. When fully up the signal goes in raw… when turned down, source impedance is added as needed to “soften” the input for active pickups.

    2) Pulse Width Knob in Mastotron : You can swing this from square wave on the left to narrow pulses on the right.

    3) Stability Knob in Fuzz Factory : Use all the way right. Do not attempt to adjust this control below 2:00, unless you like your fuzz soft and squishy. Use to control feedback pitch. (Did I say that already?)

    4) Compress Knob in Fuzz Factory : Adds attack characteristic when turned to left, which gets softer to right, and suddenly pinches tone when all the way right. Also use to tune in fat feedbacky fuzz, if you're that kind. Lower the Stability and see what happens to this control.

    5) Gate Knob in Fuzz Factory :
    Squelches noise after end of sustain. Turn to right to eliminate squeals, hiss and buzz, stopping just as they disappear, or use to tune in exact feedback pitch, if you're that kind. Turning to left opens gate.

    Can you recommend me a pedal which can give me those functions?

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    Re: About Some Features Of ZVEX Mastotron and Fuzz Factory

    Those knobs are controlling the nature of the fuzz of those respective pedals. They're not individual effects... They control the parameters and tone of the fuzz box. The only way I can think of to get those same features on a different fuzz is to figure out how to modify the circuit of the fuzz you like to be able to adjust those parameters... And if you dont like how they make the ZVex pedals sound, you might not like the way they make your preferred fuzz sound.
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      Re: About Some Features Of ZVEX Mastotron and Fuzz Factory

      Zack took a fairly simple fuzz circuit (fuzz face like) and changed out some of the standard biasing resistors with pots to vary voltages in the circuit. I think he retroactively assigned names based in his perception of how the variable resistors changed the behavior of the pedal. If you like the whacked out Velcro fuzz type tones, checkout Devi Ever, very wild stuff. In fact, I'd just check the entire range of fuzz pedals on Pro Guitar Shop to see what the small guys are doing now.
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