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  • patch/bank for pedals

    hi guys,
    what i am after, is a looper type box that you can preset a patch, so lets say you have 10 pedals on your board, i want some type of looper that if i press switch one i can use pedals 1,5,9 all together, if i press switch two 2,6,7 pedals all together, if i select switch three i could use pedals 7,8,9,10 and so on,
    the multi fx units already let you do this in their units in patch/bank form, it would be good if you had a combination choice with real pedals at the press of one switch, is there gear on the market that would let me do this, please let me know, thanks for your time to reply,

    all the best, bluesfloyd

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    Re: patch/bank for pedals

    I know it's not 100% what you're looking for, but you may want to try a Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro / GCX system. There are other options, but they tend to provide the same functionality (or less) and cost the same amount or more. It may seem daunting, but the Ground Control Pro is one of the easiest midi controllers to program.
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      Re: patch/bank for pedals

      Voodoo Lab makes two systems, one intended for racks and one for pedalboards. (Pricey but nice)


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        Re: patch/bank for pedals

        Disaster Area has some cool stuff too. True bypass loopers with MIDI control.

        I think these work together (confirm prior to ordering! )
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          Re: patch/bank for pedals

          I think this only supports 8 pedals, but it might be worth a look anyway,


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            Re: patch/bank for pedals

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              Re: patch/bank for pedals

              Joyo makes two
              A five pedal and a ten pedal version

              Search amazon

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                Re: patch/bank for pedals

       this will control 8 pedals - just so happens I have one still in its box in the garage as I decided to go the Voodoo Labs GCX rack path so this unit was only used to check it worked ok


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                  Re: patch/bank for pedals

                  The Disaster Area DPC-8EZ is what you're looking for if you want something small, relatively inexpensive, and with the most capabilities in its price range.
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