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  • Pedal Board Question

    What 5 pedals could you use to play a gig?

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    Re: Pedal Board Question

    ANy 5 - depending on the gig. Or even none. That said:

    #1 TS9 for OD or lead boost
    #2 Whichever Distortion works best - Boss HM2, DOD American Metal, Washburn Stack-In-A Box, Metal Muff…
    #3 Digitech CF-7 Chorus Factory for whatever swirl I need
    #4 Boss DD3 Delay
    #5 If tuner counts; Planet Waves Tuner. If not, I'll go with EITHER a Wah or a second delay.

    Honestly, A Boost and Delay will be fine…..
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      Re: Pedal Board Question

      five flangers. Because of the five flanger discount.
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        Re: Pedal Board Question

        Boss TU 3 Tuner , Xotic SP compressor, Lovepedal Kalamazoo OD ,Ibanez CS 9 Chorus , Boss EQ 20 , if the tuner doesn't count then its my Crybaby from Hell.
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          Re: Pedal Board Question

          Originally posted by gibson175 View Post
          five flangers. Because of the five flanger discount.
          Five flanger death punch?
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            Re: Pedal Board Question

            Tough one, depends on the gig. Going from what I usually play (rock/hard rock) I would go for a setup like this:

            Xotic Little Brute Drive for the high gain stuff and leads.
            MXR Carbon Copy
            MXR Analog Chorus
            Dunlop Cantrell wah
            Carl Martin Plexitone for the crunch and mid gain stuff.. Or perhaps my custom Beangrinder for the thicker fuzzier tone.

            I guess its all about versatility. If the amp is already kinda crunch, its all down to the volumepot and having versatile pedals IMO. I tend to stick with one sound, but I do vary it a bit, with pickup settings or using the tone knobs.

            Another great alternative is just using 5 Bixonic Expandoras..... Billy style


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              Re: Pedal Board Question

              I've had pretty good luck with an American Standard Tele (stock) into:
              1) Boss TU3 tuner
              2) TC Electronic Mojo overdrive
              3) MXR Carbon Copy
              4) TC Chorus
              5) TC Flanger
              Then into an old Rivera Jake amplifier. You can cover quite a lot of territory except metal in which case I slip an MXR Super Badass Distortion between the OD and Carbon Copy. It's a good rig IMHO and not crazy expensive.
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                Re: Pedal Board Question

                well, I cant play without a tuner and my trusty decimatorgstring and a fuzzy-dirt pedal

                the other two pedals are just dust in the wind