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Zoom MS-50G noisy when using batteries

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  • Zoom MS-50G noisy when using batteries

    Anyone using a Zoom MS-50G?

    I've found that when powering it with batteries, there is a constant high-pitched whine that is loud/annoying enough to make using the unit impractical.

    It's made worse when using any distortion/amp simulation effect, but disappears completely when powering from a 9v adapter.

    I'm going to return it, but just wondered if this is a general problem with the unit (in which case there is no point getting a replacement) or if mine might be faulty.

    Thanks for any help…

    Edit: Just made an odd discovery. If I remove the batteries and power from the adapter only, it is still noisy - so it only works without noise if I have both batteries AND mains power available. Weird...
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