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New Amp Ceriatone OTS MINI Which Reverb pedal?

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  • New Amp Ceriatone OTS MINI Which Reverb pedal?

    Hey All,
    I am new to Ceriatone and will be ordering an OTS Mini in a week or so. Basically looking for the Robben Ford-flavor tone from this amp, and Nik at CT is tremendous to work with. He mentioned the OTS 50 and 100 FM, that's just bigger than I can use, practically speaking. What he did offer is to mod the OD to respond more like Ford's 80's Dumble. That will be perfect for me.
    So, I'll be using reverb, and maybe the occasional delay pedal. All of the Fenders that I currently play have reverb, so I'm going to need a pedal. I really don't wish to add a C-lator, and I know some pedals play more nicely with certain amps. So...can you recommend a reverb pedal that goes well with the OTS Mini? How are the Fender Rev peds with this amp? Other ideas are welcome too!
    If it makes any difference...I will likely use a DRRI with WGS65 or a Blues Jr with a C Rex as the cab for now. If I can move my Custom Vibrolux Reverb...I'll get a dedicated cab. I could always check out how this amp plays with the 2x10's in the CVR while I wait.
    Thanks so much for your responses in advance.
    I've read so many positive things about Nik, and after dealing with him'd do yourself disservice not to check out Ceriatone.
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    Re: New Amp Ceriatone OTS MINI Which Reverb pedal?

    Haven't dealt with Nik (although I've been reading great stuff about him for the past couple of months).

    I bought/traded-for an RP 18/36 and a JTM45 clone recently and love them. Hopefully, I'm "home" for a while and don't succumb to wanderlust. I dealt with Scott from Ceriatone and he was helpful. Wanted a Ceriatone logo for my RP (it was in a headshell with the old Marshall script logo on it). He sent it free of charge.

    Anyways... I've been VERY happy with Ceriatone amps thus far. Build quality is second to none (and I've owned some of the best boutique amps made). I keep my eyes out for more Ceriatone models that interest me. Have almost pulled the trigger on a Chupacabre and Yeti over the past few months. But I'm really trying to be monogamous with my current old school plexis for a while to really bond with them. Only two amps that I find myself occasionally GASing for are #1 a Friedman BE and maybe an SLO. And that's like just because I've never tried them. I do think that the BE is a holy grail amp (for Marshall lovers) that would be hard to beat by anyone. So if the prices ever become just a little more reasonable... I may have to have one.
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