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DOD 201 vs. vintage MXR Phase 45 soundclip

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  • DOD 201 vs. vintage MXR Phase 45 soundclip

    Received my reissue DOD 201 today and gave it a little whirl. I still have my late 70s Phase 45, so I did a tone comparison between the 2. Bottom line is that they are very, very similar.

    The DOD gets the nod from me because it has the true bypass switch and power supply jack. Tonally, it seems to be just hair more subtle in its effect, but that may be because it has less of an affect on the guitar's tone. The MXR seems to cut the bass a bit or something. The MXR might have a little more of that "distortion" that the Phase 90 has as well. Not sure the best way to describe that. But as I said, to me, the pedals sound very close to the same.

    In this clip, I play through the Phase 45 first, and then around the 3 minute mark switch to the 201. Oh, and both pedals have their knob set to noon. I didn't mess around with any other settings.

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    Re: DOD 201 vs. vintage MXR Phase 45 soundclip

    Hey, man. I'm glad you enjoy the pedal!

    I put mine through its paces over the weekend with a fellow forumite and it was great.
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