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  • NPD -ay ay ay

    Got it Wednesday
    Joyo D-Seed delay
    Dual channels. It's like having two delays in one pedal

    The pedal has four knobs

    Mix is what you think it is

    Mode has four settings
    Copy- which just repeats you signal with no coloring
    Analog- is supposed to add some ambience
    Modulation- adds some ambience and space to the repeat
    Reverse- plays the repeat backwards

    My ears see little difference between modulation and analog.
    Reverse is odd and could be nice in a one off type of way

    Time- has long delay up to 4 seconds I think

    Feedback- will repeat up to 15 seconds ( I gave up.waiting for it to stop and just turned it off )

    It has tap tempo with delay of up to 6 seconds

    Each channel can be set independently and saved
    You can get you Edge rhythm on one
    And swap to a Jeff Beck short delay to flatten notes on leads

    And unlike the Joyo EQ pedal I just got
    When the power is removed from it no sound passes thru
    Even tho it says true bypass

    Now the pron

    I thought it was.stereo
    I am disappointed but I ain't sending it back

    *(Sent from my durned phone!)*
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    Re: NPD -ay ay ay

    Very groovy.
     Originally Posted by DreX

     I don't mean to be a jerk, but some people bring out my compartmentalized rage, and I think that's their idea of victory. I wouldn't bother asking people to be civil on the internet though, just hide them in my basement and move on. Call the authorities any time you feel it necessary.


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      Re: NPD -ay ay ay

      New stuff is always so much fun!
      Originally Posted by IanBallard
      Rule of thumb... the more pot you have, the better your tone.