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This should be fun. Beano boost.

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    Re: This should be fun. Beano boost.

    Originally posted by TwilightOdyssey View Post
    I was unaware that you could get different trannies for the Beano ... interesting.

    The solo in the middle of this clip was done with a Strat and the Beano Boost going into a Champ. Mix is a WIP, so excuse the rough and ready nature of it!

    LOVE that solo and tone bro! BTW, the solo is 2/3rds in, not halfway.
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      Re: This should be fun. Beano boost.

      Thanks for the kind words, and the clarification!
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        Re: This should be fun. Beano boost.

        No point in starting a new thread, and better to keep all this in one tidy thread.

        I know I do not come in here enough, but how could my "friends" not clue me into this pedal?

        Is thing still this awesome and which one do I buy?


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