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wah and fuzz,who first?

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  • wah and fuzz,who first?

    what about the jimi style sound is fuzz or wah first?

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    Re: wah and fuzz,who first?

    Jimi was wah first.


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      Re: wah and fuzz,who first?

      Depends on the wah and fuzz really , generally I put the wah in front of fuzz but some will sound better on the other side. Mix and match a few different ones for yourself is the only way to know for sure , it is a matter of personal taste. Never hurts to hear it in a live mix either.
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        Re: wah and fuzz,who first?

        I get a better sound for playing Voodoo Chile with the wah after the fuzz. Wah before fuzz doesn't sound as clean or dynamic.
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          Re: wah and fuzz,who first?

          A few items of note...

          -Jimi's wah and fuzzes were probably modified.
          -On the Woodstock album you can hear the Fuzz Face and Wah oscillating. (The issue that most have with wah + fuzz)
          -Don't underestimate the tone of the Plexi at Jimi volumes with a wah only.
          -Dave Fox (Foxrox) makes a wah friendly buffer. (This reduces the cool pickup/fuzz interaction that makes a good fuzz face so awesome, but also rids you of those howling oscillations. Also, since it is bypassed when the wah is bypassed it allows you to use the fuzz as you normally would, rolling back volume and tone to get rhythm tones a la Jimi)

          All that being said, Jimi was obviously extremely experimental, so run it every which way and find what you like!
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