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Picked up a Hall of Fame Mini

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  • Picked up a Hall of Fame Mini

    Well... I took a shot on a used Hall of Fame Mini. This thing is awesome, definitely got a spot on my "grab and go" rock board. (I have a Blue Sky and Supermoon for my main, big board) I basically configured a plate reverb with modulation... However I tied the (single) knob to the following parameters:

    -Fx Mix (ramping up like the stock model)
    -Modulation Mix (0% for the first half of the sweep, then increasing from there)
    -Decay (Ramping up from ~2 seconds up to ~8 seconds at max)

    This is awesome, for the first 1/4 of the sweep its a subtle plate reverb, the next quarter is a little longer and higher mix reverb, then you start to get some modulation with the reverb, then the final quarter is a heavily effected modulated long verb.

    With the sweep of one knob I can add a little "air" to the tone, up to a 70's/80's Rock reverb a la VH, then various levels of modulated delay for shoegazey/post-rock style washes. Just need to tweak the dry level at the top of the range. I might have to pickup some of the other TonePrint pedals, this one is very powerful but easy to tweak.
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    Re: Picked up a Hall of Fame Mini

    That sounds really awesome. I have recently decided I want a verb pedal, I'll definitely be checking one of these out.
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      Re: Picked up a Hall of Fame Mini

      I haven't heard the hall of fame

      But I recently got.the Biyang Tri Reverb
      Which I think is a copy/clone

      Love mine

      Thick modulated verb sounds like some sorta thick chorus

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