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Soul Food + Acoustic + Delay = awesome lead tones.

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  • Soul Food + Acoustic + Delay = awesome lead tones.

    My band is playing an acoustic show tomorrow night, and when we had practice the other night, I forgot my Baggs Para Acoustic DI, so I was just running straight into our practice board. The pickup I have is passive and really needs a preamp of some sort to help shape the sound (our practice board has a standard 3band EQ and no reverb). It was sounding pretty terrible, and after about three songs, I plugged it through my electric effects board and into the PA, planning on using my comp and some delay to do what I could. I decided to mess around with some of my overdrives with it. Most of them were pretty meh, but the Soul Food sounded awesome. I eventually brought the Baggs and set up a new board for this show, I'll post some pictures after the show.

    My favorite tone is the Soul Food with the Carbon Copy set to my favorite long solo delay. The Soul Food really keeps the acoustic tone from the trandsducer in tact. It still sounds like an acoustic, just fatter and bigger sounding. There are a few songs where I'm just going to keep it on the whole time, I think.

    Unfortunately I'm using an MXR Dyna Comp, which I don't really like with my acoustic. I wish I had something a bit more subtle for this application.
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    Re: Soul Food + Acoustic + Delay = awesome lead tones.

    Have you tried acoustic through some light chorus into the PA?
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      Re: Soul Food + Acoustic + Delay = awesome lead tones.

      Cool. I really dig acoustics through od pedals. It's the ultimate hollow body tone. I once ran my mandolin through one with the gain low at a show, and it made for some fat lead tones.
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        Re: Soul Food + Acoustic + Delay = awesome lead tones.

        It makes sense because the Klon/Soul Food seems like a fat sounding preamp for a guitar, just like a channel strip/mic pre is on a microphone........neutral, but thick.

        I also like plugging acoustics into tube amps that have a tube rectifier, because of the natural tube compression. You just have to set everything flat and use the 2nd input to avoid feedback.
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