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For all you gazers and pedalboard lovers......

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  • For all you gazers and pedalboard lovers......

    I know pedalboard threads are a dime a dozen but I thought I'd post my current board for a Shoegaze/Dream Pop band I joined. It isn't the most fancy of boards, the other guitarist has a BigSky that definately trumps the Digitech on this but I thought I'd post it before I change it up with some other pedals.

    Click image for larger version

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    The pedals are Crybaby 535Q > Caline Crazy Cacti > Big Muff Triangle Clone > BOSS Hyper Fuzz > Korg Tuner > BF-2 Flanger > Mooer Ensemble King > Flashback x4 > Digitech DigiVerb

    I shot some videos which I have put up on Youtube showcasing the board and some sounds

    Any shoegaze guitarist using similar gear or have boards they want to post it would be cool to see
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    Re: For all you gazers and pedalboard lovers......

    Those Blue Sky an Big Sky pedals are something amazing. My Hardwire Supernatural is really really good, but I'm still drooling. I really want to get a shoe gaze or some similar instrumental thing going here, but it just doesn't seem to be happening. Anyway, very cool board!
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      Re: For all you gazers and pedalboard lovers......

      This is the first time I've heard of shoegazing. Kool. I like the pics.
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        Re: For all you gazers and pedalboard lovers......

        I just took mine apart and haven't assembled a new one yet. Gonna simplify a bit, I think, but here's what I had.

        Poly tune->Visual Sounds Comp 66 compressor->FTL Drive->Zvex Box of Rock->Boss Rv-2->Malekko mini chorus->MXR carbon Copy->Danelectro Spring King->Proco Rat-> SD Tweak Fuzz -> SD Shape Shifter

        Not all of that was aimed at shoegazey type sounds, but running the reverbs and delay in front of some of the dirt boxes certainly left those doors open.
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