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ANyone out there use a Helicon Harmony G or XT

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  • ANyone out there use a Helicon Harmony G or XT

    And if so, which do I want and why???
    Originally posted by Bad City
    He's got the crowd on his side and the blue jean lights in his eyes...

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    Re: ANyone out there use a Helicon Harmony G or XT

    Aceman! I have the G XT. The good: the harmonies are really good. The effects aren't bad either, if you need them. The bad: The power supply is garbage. First unit I had made a ton of hiss through the amp side of the output. Tried to use it at a gig, had to disconnect it. Brought it back and got another, and the same thing. That's when I read about the cheap power supplies. You just have to get a good quality plug, or it is useless. Second, you've got to be pretty on with your pitch, or it will throw out weird harmonies, or if the vocals and guitar chords don't change at the same time, you'll have harmonies that are off. Had good luck with songs like Behind Blue Eyes, and Gimme All Your Lovin', bad luck with stuff like Fly Away (Kravitz). Hope this helps, sir.
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    Originally posted by DankStar
    700 watts is ok for small clubs, but when you play with a loud drummer or at a medium-large sized venue, you really need 1,500-watts at least. no one should be left alive.