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What's the consensus on AMT pedals?

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    Re: What's the consensus on AMT pedals?

    This guy made a great rig with AMT preamps

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      Re: What's the consensus on AMT pedals?

      I have the S1, and it sounds really good when you pair it with a nice IR.


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        Re: What's the consensus on AMT pedals?

        I just picked up a used F-1 and am very impressed with it's three dimensional tone and speaker simulation. Jammin' little pedal and looks like it will be an awesome way to record keyboards direct... especially my Fender Rhodes.

        Guitar tones are very good as I am quite familiar with classic Fender amps. I'm going to give it more than a few minutes when I get the chance... I'm in the middle of recording and taking a break from recording to put a pedal through it's paces isn't always the best idea. My breaks are usually non-musical. lolz

        I'll post my thoughts whenever I get some more time with the pedal.
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          Re: What's the consensus on AMT pedals?

          I can't stop playing the Stonehead amp I just bought. It's a fantastic little head! I've owned and played quite a few SS heads in the past. Randalls, Peavey's, Marshalls, Ibby's, Cubes ...but this thing blows every one of those away in the way that it truly emulates tube tone/feel. On just about any setting, I literally can't tell the difference between it and my tube heads both feel/response-wise & soundwise. It's uncanny lol. While the built-in speaker emulated output is great & really speaker-like, I just picked up one of their Chameleon Cab simulator pedals to give me even more options. (Thanks to Wormhelmet for the heads up )

          Next up ...I'm keen to try an O-drive or Legend O-1....maybe an S-1. The Reverberry pedal sounds awesome too. Can't believe I did'nt give these a go before....
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            Re: What's the consensus on AMT pedals?

            Here's a nice demo of the S1. He doesn't list which IR he used but I can tell you that most I've tried are much better than the cab sim in the pedal.