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N.P.D. The Bohemian Treble Booser Pic's & Review...

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  • N.P.D. The Bohemian Treble Booser Pic's & Review...

    I just picked up this little fella the other day when Musicians Friend was having their Stupid Deal Of The Hour Sale, $49!!! Nearly 60% less than what they typically sell for on M.F. & the thing is amazing!

    I've got a 50W VOX Night Train G1, a AC-15 Twin, & a AC-30, anyone who has a AC knows what a PIA finding a good dirt pedal can be! I think I went through at least a dozen before I found a keeper, it sucked! I did not want to go through the same thing with the T.B., my buddies dad has a Rangemaster and he let me borrow that until I was able to get my own & he was in know rush to get it back so I had time to save. I figured I'd get a Keeley, everyone I talked to that had one loved it & @ that price they should!

    So I've been using this old Rangemaster for a bit now & I was just about to start looking around for a lightly used Keeley, talk about a rare bird, when I saw the add for the BBE. At the price I just couldn't resist, I figured even if it sucks I'm only out shipping if I return it? So it got here today & the only thing about it that I don't like is the made in China sicker they stuck to the back! I like it so, so, so, much better than the Rangemaster!

    I know there's a lot of guys who love their Rangemasters & swear by them but after doing a side by side comparison I'm going to have to say the Bohemian is most definitely a better pedal. It's very well built, extremely well built if you take where it was made into consideration & it's super easy to use! Two knobs let you dial in your tone in seconds & best of all my AC sounds like a AC at much lower volumes now! Even with the Rangemaster the amp had to be turned up fairly loud to get the whole singing AC thing going on but this ones bias knob lets you get those same tones with both volume knobs hovering around 3 or 4 instead of 6 or 8! I'm super happy with this pedal and I would suggest it to anyone else who's in the market for a treble booster, even @ its regular price it's definitely worth it!!!
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    Re: N.P.D. The Bohemian Treble Booser Pic's & Review...

    Glad you like the BBE man. Mine is a staple on the board. It give my Marshall crunch channel so much depth and sustain. The bias adjustment on the BBE is the killer app on that box. It lets you dial right into that sweet spot.

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