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Recommend me a boost pedal, please.

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    Re: Recommend me a boost pedal, please.

    Originally posted by PFDarkside View Post
    Too bad that's not a real production pedal.... That's awesome.

    Did you rehouse or build from board-up?
    My friend from DIY forum made it for me with some mods
    You can change the voltage 9V to 18V which gives you more headroom
    You can change the order EP->BB or BB->EP


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      Re: Recommend me a boost pedal, please.

      For clean boost I found BBE's Boosta Grande to be pretty impressive. I keep it at the end of my signal chain to get more of what I already have. A clean boost can also be put in your effect loop so it bypasses the preamp section and pushes the output tubes harder.

      But if you want a boost with a mid bump I'd have to say an EQ or some sort of Tube Screamer derivative. Realizing you already have a tube screamer, have you considered stacking a second tube screamer in there? You could set one for low gain with the level turned up for a boost and the other set however you have been normally using it. Then depending where you place the one configured for boost it will either goose the front of the amp or the other pedal. I have a Visual Sound Double Trouble (think dual modified TS 808's each with bass boost and more clean headroom) and I have it set so the first circuit is a boost that pushes the dirty circuit to make it even dirtier. With the amp set just barely breaking up and the second circuit as the boost it pushes the amp to overdrive.