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    Re: Line 6 Helix

    Originally posted by Mincer View Post
    Yeah? I hated that every preset had this 'sound' I couldn't get rid of. I hated the thin AC adapter cord, and the high price for replacement. I hated that there were about 3 updates to the thing that never addressed my problems I had with it.
    I don't like the lack of power switch. And overall the presets are not very good, but if you sit down like I did and connect it to your PC and really dial it in, it's got tremendous amount of versatility and great sounds available.

    Originally posted by IMENATOR View Post
    So you still need a power amp with the Helix? Either a guitar power amp or a PA power amp?
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      Re: Line 6 Helix

      Imenator, Helix does not have a built-in power amp so you'll need one.
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