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Electro Harmonix vintage big box Trifecta!

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  • Electro Harmonix vintage big box Trifecta!

    I'm not a flanger type of guy, so no Electric Mistress and I'm also not a big muff guy, so no Deluxe Big Muff but...

    I feel like this is the vintage Big Box Electro Harmonix Triple Crown! I bought my 1st EH pedal in 1985 (a V3 Small Stone) and have always loved the company.

    Let me assure you... they are the voice of God. I really don't get to play with effects ever but they are fun to have around for whenever I do get to use them.

    I decided to do a little glamour shots of the trio and tried mounting my flash on a stand (triggering it wirelessly)... worked really well. You can only hit these pedals with the flash in just the right way or the flash will just highlight the scratches and dings. lolz!

    Anyone else have or had the EH big box triple crown?
    Best amp tech I've ever had and hands down one of the best electronic/sound wizards in the NC Piedmont.

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    Re: Electro Harmonix vintage big box Trifecta!

    Great pedals and great pics. I bounce into the ceiling to get even illumination, yours looks great too.

    The big box Deluxe Memory Man is the best delay period. When it's out of alignment it can get a little clocky and noisy, but that's a small thing to deal with for the pure gold that is that pedal! Unlike you, I am a Flanger fan, so I've got a big box Deluxe Electric Mistress as well. My third is a Frequency Analyzer, but I'd love to find a nice PolyPhase someday too! (also a big box POG, but that's not old, just first run. )

    Great stuff!
    Oh no.....

    Oh Yeah!