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  • New Pedalboard

    Much sexy. So matching. Wow.

    I commissioned this a while back to serve two functions - to fit in my mono bag, which securely attaches to my matching mono gig bag, and to match my amp.

    Well, it works on both counts. I think it looks sexy as hell, and it's not bad functionally either. It's powered by a Cioks Adam, and has jacks for power and the main out and for the fx send.

    Did I mention it matches my amp?
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    Re: New Pedalboard

    I am going to say that you you achieve a Doctorate of History . Therefore, i am going to call you 'Sir'.
    'Sir'; nice rack.( if you don't ever achieve a a Doctorate of History, I rescind my title of' Sir' to you).
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      Re: New Pedalboard

      So TIDY!


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        Re: New Pedalboard

        Very classy.

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          Re: New Pedalboard

          New Stuff Rocks!
          Originally posted by jeremy
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            Re: New Pedalboard

            Happy new matching pedal board day


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              Re: New Pedalboard

              Looks awesome!
              Oh no.....

              Oh Yeah!