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Using a EQ peda;???

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    Re: Using a EQ peda;???

    The Digitech GSP21 had a +/-12dB 7-band graphic in each patch, plus another 5-band global acting as the user-definable speaker sim. I got some interesting sounds by setting the SS with an up/down/up/down/up pattern. Sometimes I'd only cut half and boost full, or cut full and boost half. Since the SS operated on the same freqs as the patch EQ, it was easy to end up cancelling each other, so cutting/boosting only 6dB in the SS was generally better than a full cut/boost, though each one did have its merits based on the application. The big issue I had with the unit was that you couldn't assign a speaker sim change to program changes. It's not even assignable via external MIDI control.
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    I'm soooooo jealous about the WR-1. It's the perfect guitar; fantastic to play, balances well even when seated and *great* reach for the upper frets. The sound is bright tight and very articulate. In summary it could only be more awesome if it had b00bs and was on fire!
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      Re: Using a EQ peda;???

      Yeah on my pedal I have a 7 band with up to 15db boost or cut on each slider.And then has a master volume slider as well.


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        Re: Using a EQ peda;???

        I'm guessing you have a Boss GE7?

        What I do with mine in the loop is cut 800 hz a bit (no more than -3 db) and boost 1.6 khz by the same amount, this having some healthy mids dialed from the amp.

        This makes it sound more aggressive and modern, without being overly scooped and hollow sounding.

        I also like a MODERATE boost in the 6.4khz band for a bit of fizz and presence, necessary with a darker sounding amp like mine. With my Cube 60 this sounds horrendous, but with my Tweaker it's very helpful.
        Beware not to go overboard since things could get shrill here.

        I also set the volume slightly lower than in bypass, and I turn off the EQ pedal for solos for a volume boost and mid shift.
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          Re: Using a EQ peda;???

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            Re: Using a EQ peda;???

            Originally posted by tman View Post
            I used to use my Boss EQ a couple ways.

            One was to make a rising curve with 400+5db, 800+10db, 1.6K+7db, 3.2K+5db and use it after my distortion for leads.

            Another way I used it was scooping to make an semi-acoustic type of sound when playing clean:
            100+3db, 200+5db, 400-0db, 800-4db, 1.6k-5db, 3.2k-0db, 6.4k+7db