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Green Rhino Settings?

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  • Green Rhino Settings?

    Awhile back, I replace my TS with a Green Rhino. Seemed capable of the TS tones and much more ability to shape the tone. Being more complex and me being a simpleton, anyone have any good settings recommendations for getting a good boost on a high gain amp? And/or even just boosting a lower gain setting for a great creamy tone? Gear one on my Splawn is about like instant ACDC type crunch. So, if Im using something like that, what would be a good setting for a lead?

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    Re: Green Rhino Settings?

    Start with everything at noon and make small adjustments..
    Pedals react differently from amp to amp. That is my best suggestion and it works for me with a new dirt box..


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      Re: Green Rhino Settings?

      When I'm using it with my Mesa, I set the drive around 8 o clock, the tone around noon, and the volume around 2 or 3. The pedal has plenty of gain for a boost even at that low a drive setting, so using more volume than gain keeps the sound tighter and clearer.

      I keep the 100hz knob around 11 o clock and the curve around noon.
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        Re: Green Rhino Settings?

        Gain down low with the volume up higher. Then just EQ to your liking. That's an awesome overdrive. The Way Huge stuff is super underrated, IMO.
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